Unlocking value - our unique position in the rough diamond pipeline allows us to carefully select special stones and transform them into some of the most beautiful gem.



With currently diverse interest in the diamond mining sector, our founder Patrick Saada acquired his knowledge between 2007 and 2013. He was during this period actively involved and responsible for the development of Koidu, the largest kimberlite diamond mine in Sierra Leone. He has been exposed to all the facets of an industrial extractive operation including geology, mining, metallurgy, and engineering.


Our passion for diamond, whether rough or polished, has obviously lead us to become involved with jewelry.


In 2017 we successfully launch our first online jewelry collection under the brand Galith.​


About Us

Infinite Diam-founded in 2013 and headquartered in the hub of Israel’s International Diamond Exchange- has the unique combination of expertise in mining, rough diamond trading, manufacturing and jewelry.


The company, which is 100 % family owned, is a leading player in the international rough diamond business.


Infinite Diam core values are transparency, integrity, and professionalism.




21 Tuval St., Ramat Gan 5252236, Israel

Yahalom Bld. Office No: 1461

Tel: +972-3-6471144

Fax: +972-3-6431632


The company DNA is run off mine rough diamond distribution.

On a monthly basis, a highly specialized team with decades of experience in the rough industry is sourcing, preparing and marketing accurate assortments to its regular customer base.

Our aim is that our diamonds reach the best-suited customer in order to optimize the production value.